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Hi, my name's Emile. I am a software developer by day, and a web developer/interwebz troller/gifted snoozer by night.


I enjoy writing web-apps -especially the JavaScript bits- and leverage jQuery plenty to get things done.


I do custom web applications, .Net and Java applications and components and simple brochure web sites, so message me for more info, or download a brief portfolio here »


1. Sengor Farms

Company: Sengor Farms - a Congolese agro-business company.

Work: Site Design (template), Logo Design and site implementation.

Techs: DHTML, CSS and PHP.

2. NightFire Logistics

Company: NightFire Logistics - a South African based logistics company.

Work: Site Design and implementation.

Techs: DHTML, CSS and PHP.

3. Toltec

Company: Toltec - a South African security systems company.

Work: Site Design and implementation.

Techs: DHTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.

Download PDF version

You can download a PDF version of some of my works here (1.15 MB).

I am only just getting started, so not much to show, but keep your peepers peeled for more coming up!


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  • emile {dot} senga {at} gmail {dot} com
  • emile {at} senga {dot} cd

If you're keen to chat:

South African number   (+27) 78 2222 116
Congolese number (+243) 99 269 7888

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